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CLUB MEETING - Guest Speaker David Long, "Tips for NE Winter Landscapes" (7:30 PM EDT)
Winter is my second favorite season mainly because of its juxtaposition with the other three where the scenes overflow with color. Most people avoid shooting in the winter in New England due to the cold, harsh conditions. With good planning, the right conditions, clothing suited for the environment and the correct locations, you have the chance to produce some of your favorite images. If you don’t shoot in winter, get ready to open up an entirely new landscape opportunity.
CLUB MEETING - Print Competition #2 (7:30 PM EST)
Come join us for the second print competition of the 2021-2022 season.
CLUB MEETING (via Zoom) - Guest Speaker Lisa Cuchara, "Creating Sweeping Panoramas (and Other Cool Stitched Photographs)" (7:30 PM EST)
This program will cover in- camera techniques as well as post-processing tips for creating stitched images. Stitched images can be great for panoramas, composite backgrounds and for tight areas. The logistics and benefits or taking two vertical images at 30-40mm rather than one horizontal at 17mm will be discussed. Multi image and multi exposure-image combinations will also be presented, for example, many of my panoramic images are 77 images combined, 11 verticals across with 7 exposures each. Vertoramas can also be created to help with building keystoning and/or to add impact.
There will be no meeting this week. Happy Thanksgiving!
CLUB MEETING (via Zoom) - Guest Speaker Susan Karchmer, "Taking & Making Photos with Your Mobile Devices" (7:30 PM EST)
Susan (Suz) Karchmer says she thinks and feels differently when she photographs with her iPhone in hand vs her DSLR or her Mirrorless camera.  She will share why the Phone is her favorite camera and her experiences and discoveries using her iPhone (to take) and her iPad (to process) her images of flowers and people. Her focus will be how she preps and approaches taking iphone images on Snapseed, one of the most popular and most often downloaded editing apps in the world. She will walk through the post-processing of several images to show her favorite basic steps, as well as reveal some of the more advanced and lesser-known Snapseed tools.

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