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  • Looking to share your photography and take it to the next level?  We’re your club. Merrimack Valley Camera Club is a great group of people who are passionate about photography.  We’re open to every skill level, from beginning to advanced. Some members have been with us for several decades while others are brand new.

    Not a member but curious? We invite you to join us as a guest for one of our Wednesday evening meetings to check us out!  We’re all about sharing valuable content to expand your love of photography, including educational presentations, friendly club competitions, field trip opportunities, and the sharing of ideas and information.

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     MVCC Upcoming Events*

    • 9/21/2022   - "Fall Foliage" By Jeff Folger  Church Meeting
    • 9/28/2022   - "Wabi Sabi" By Lisa Cuchara.  (Zoom Meeting)
    • 10/05/2022 - Digital Challenge #1 - Jutta Curtin  Church Meeting
    • 10/12/2022 - Print Competition #1  Church Meeting
    • 10/19/2022 - "Ultimate Landscape: Trees and Forests" by Paul Nguyen  (Zoom Meeting)
      2nd Field Trip: Crow Gill Moto Cross Race on September 25th, Contact Field Trip Committee Members for Info

    * Note: For all Church Meetings, the MVCC meets on Wednesday evenings from September through May, at the Trinitarian Congregational Church, 72 Elm Street, North Andover, Massachusetts.  Join us for socializing from 7:00-7:30 p.m. and the Program at 7:30-9:00 p.m.    Please check the Calendar for the latest schedule information.



    Print of the Year 2021-2022 
    "Two Umbrellas in Burano" by Barbara Brissenden

    Barbara Brissenden was shocked when she won Print Image of the Year, as she notes in the Q&A article below. As you read on, you’ll gain a glimpse of how her perseverance to improve has paid off, and how she has found the continued growth of her skills so rewarding. Barbara has been competing in both print and digital (class B) competitions, having done well in both. It’s safe to say that trend will continue.

    An Interview with Barbara Brissenden

     1. Congratulations, Barbara! Please tell us about the photo. What was the inspiration behind it?

    This photo was taken in Burano (island off of Venice) on a rainy grey day (which at the time I was very disappointed about, preferring a sunny day – but now I’ve learned that grey days offer great photo ops). I just happened to be walking by the tunnel and saw the two ladies carrying umbrellas and took the shot, as I did not have much time because the ladies were walking away so quickly. This was truly one of those moments of being in the right spot at the right time!

    2.  Any thoughts on what made the photo so special that it won?

    I believe the wet footprints bring the viewer into the scene and to the wonderful umbrellas and the women talking to each other.

    Read the Complete Interview with Barbara Click Here.



    Digital Image of the Year 2021-2022

    “Food Fight” by Jutta Curtin

     Jutta captured her award-winning image while on a trip to Haines, Alaska.  She and her husband, Tom, also a talented photographer and member of our club, have traveled all over the world, with Haines being one of their most recent adventures.  It was their fifth trip to the area.

    About the Image

     In Jutta’s words: “In early November, the bald eagles gather at the Chilkat River to feast on spawning salmon.  When one bird grabs the fish and drags it on land, others intervene, trying to steal it. They fight, (like in my picture) but no one wants to get seriously hurt. With a piece of salmon in their beak, they fly into the very high pine trees to eat.”  Jutta used a Canon 7D MKII with a Canon 100-400 mm lens.  Most of the time she doesn’t use a tripod, as she finds it easier to follow the eagles free-handed.  “The most important thing for a photographer is to watch the action and have your camera and lens set accordingly,” she says.

    A Little About Jutta

    Photography has been a passion of Jutta’s for many years. In fact, photography brought she and Tom together when they met at a New York camera club in 1980. She had been in the U.S. for a few years before then, having moved to the states from Germany. She bought her first camera soon after arriving – a Kodak Instamatic – which enabled her to photograph her exciting new surroundings. A standout memory from those New York days was Jutta and Tom’s wedding on the Staten Island Ferry, complete with paparazzi. Eventually, the couple moved to Virginia Beach, where Jutta worked professionally, photographing weddings, portraits, and exhibiting in art shows.  These days, now retired and living in New Hampshire, Jutta and Tom enjoy being part of MVCC.  The club’s presentations, competitions, field trips, and simply exchanging ideas with fellow members all hold special value to both. Jutta says, “it’s a very casual, friendly atmosphere and we have a lot of fun.”  Her favorite categories in competitions are nature, manipulated and assigned subjects.


    * * * NECCC Spring 2022 Projected Image Interclub Competition * * * 

    Our 'Honorable Mention' Honorees

    Mary Youngblood's image titled 'Woodman's Cove' in Pictorial Category;

    Bonnie Lucas's image titled 'Tribute in Light' in Pictorial Category;

    and Steve Carson's image titled 'Egret in Flight' in Nature Category.








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