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October 2020
October 2020
October 2020
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CLUB MEETING -Guest Speaker David Long, "Fall Foliage Photography" (7:30 PM EDT)
Just in time for the 2020 foliage season, David Long returns to MVCC to present his newest program on Fall foliage photography. . Dave's newest e-book, "Fall Foliage Landscape Photography in New England", can be purchased here:
CLUB MEETING - Guest Speaker Roy Haddock, "The Nuts & Bolts of Nature Photography" (7:30 PM EDT)
Talented nature photographer and MVCC member, Roy Haddock, will present his program "The Nuts and Bolts of Nature Photography".
CLUB MEETING - "Behind the Image" (7:30 PM EDT)
8-10 club members will show and discuss their winning images from past MVCC print and digital competitions. As the title says, come to this program to learn the story behind the image. Roy Haddock will be recruiting members to participate, so if he comes knocking please consider being an important part of this informative evening. Mary Boucher will host the presentation.
CLUB MEETING - Guest Speaker Mark Bowie, "Multiple Exposures for Maximum Landscapes" (7:30 PM EDT)
Renown outdoor photographer Mark Bowie returns to MVCC with a new program, "Multiple Exposures for Maximum Landscapes". Details on what Mark will cover in this program can be found here: . Don't miss this one!
CLUB MEETING - Digital Competition #1 (7:30 PM EDT)
First of six digital image competitions to be held during the 2020-2021 season. Image submission deadline for this competition is October 14, 11:59 PM.

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